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F3R - Outdoor Rated VFD Control Panel

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MDI F3R Outdoor Rated Control Panels


What is the F3R


The F3R is a variable frequency drive control panel manufactured by Motor Drives International. 3R stands for NEMA 3R. This VFD panel is very popular in outdoor applications, such as agriculture, rock crushing, mines, refinery, and more. It is designed for locations that are dusty, sites that may cause it to be hit by small rocks or splashed by water (to an extent). The F3R is a great option to house your VFD and its accessories such as line reactors and bypasses in those environments.

Stock F3R control panels are available in 6 different sizes, housing VFDs ranging from 5HP to 800HP (for higher horse powers, check out MDI's Custom Panels /custom-vfd-panels). Each F3R is equipped with rain hoods, washable poly filters, outdoor-rated panel controls; and is forced air ventilated. Some other features of the F3Rs include an advance numeric keypad, remote I/O capability, and a pad-lockable door handle connected to a circuit breaker disconnect. Optional add-ons include 3% or 5% line reactors, 12% or 15% harmonic filter system, three contactor bypass, and many more.


Outdoor Rated VFD Control Panels

3 of the 6 available sizes (Left: 36"x48", middle: 36"x72", right: 36"x90")


Inside an F3R Enclosure

The inside view of the biggest F3R enclosure


Control Panel Cover

F3R Control Panel Devices

NEMA 4X rated panel control cover


Washable Poly Filters

Washable Poly Filters

Washable poly filters - change them without opening the panel door or cutting power


Electrical Control Panel Handle

Pad-lockable door handle


VFD Panel Fans

Redundant fans installed to ensure the cooling of the enclosure in case of fan failures


Electrical Panel Harmonic Filter

Capacitors - part of the harmonic filter (Silver cylinders); DC link choke (orange)


Harmonic Filter

The other part of the harmonic filter


Circuit Breaker Disconnect

Circuit breaker disconnect - connected to the door handle to prevent door from opening without shutting off power


Inside a VFD Control Panel

The inside view of a different F3R - equipped with a VFD, harmonic filter, control transformer, 24V DC power supply, and a lighting arrester


Inside a VFD Control Panel

A closer view of the components - control transformer, 24V DC power supply, harmonic filter


Lightning Arrester

A closer view of the lighting arrester


24V DC Power Supply

A closer look of the 24V DC power supply


Dead Front VFD Control Panel

A dead front F3R - with two doors (all panel controls are located on the inner door)



  • Great for outdoor applications
  • 6 enclosure sizes available
  • NEMA 3R white enclosure (reduce sun load up to 20% compare to gray color)
  • Filtered forced air ventilation
  • Redundant cooling fans for backup
  • Easy to remove washable poly filters without cutting power or opening the enclosure door
  • All components housed in one single enclosure, no additional wiring or boxes
  • Easy installation
  • 3 lines in & 3 lines out
  • UL508A listed
  • Remote I/O capability
  • Two optional cards can be installed simultaneously
  • Soft PWM for peak voltage mitigation at motor terminals and quiet operation
  • Advanced full numeric keypad installed in the front of the panel - operate & maintain without opening the panel or cutting power
  • 3% (Standard) or 5% (Optional) line reactors are available to limit harmonic distortion to  35% or 27% respectively
  • 12% (Optional) or 15% (Optional) harmonic filter available to limit harmonic distortion to 12% or 15% respectively
  • Three contactor bypass (optional) electrically and mechanically interlocked, allows the motor to run across the line in case of a VFD failure
  • Door-interlocked input circuit breaker disconnect - provides additional safety by powering down the equipment before opening the panel and allowing OHSA lockout
  • Embossed numbering system - each wire is uniquely identified for ease of troubleshooting
  • 22mm door operator switches - power on and off and make adjustments without opening the panel



  • Available from 5 to 75HP (230V) or 5 to 800HP (460V)
  • Frequency: 50 or 60Hz
  • Overload rating: 110% for 60 seconds, 120% for 3 seconds (additional overload ratings optional)
  • Standard equipment: Mitsubishi F700 series VFD (other options available)
  • Standard ambient operating temperature: 40°C
  • 1 year standard warranty (extended warranties optional)


Differences between SV1, FF1, F3R

Slim 12" wide gray enclosureGray enclosure, size varies on horsepowerWhite outdoor rated enclosures
Up to 40 HPUp to 800 HPUp to 800 HP
Natural air ventilationFiltered forced air ventilationFiltered forced air ventilation
No filtersPleated air filtersWashable poly filters
Line reactors availableLine reactors & harmonic filters availableLine reactors & harmonic filters available
Standard dial keypadAdvanced full numeric keypadAdvanced full numeric keypad



Shop our F3R VFD panels now:


F3R outdoor rated VFD control panel


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