SGR-21.7-1 AEGIS SGR Shaft Grounding/Bearing Protection Ring

SGR-21.7-1 AEGIS SGR Shaft Grounding/Bearing Protection Ring
AEGIS SGR Solid Bearing Protection Ring

AEGIS SGR Bearing Protection Rings are designed to divert harmful bearing currents to ground. They do this by providing a highly reliable shaft grounding path. The AEGIS shaft grounding technology prevents bearing fluting and pitting damage when motors are controlled by variable frequency drives (VFD). The solid AEGIS rings are ideal to prevent premature bearing failures for any VFD-controlled motor.

  • Fits shaft diameters of 0.896 to 0.935 inches
  • Can be mounted with bracket, press fit, or conductive epoxy
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ships with mounting brackets, screws, and washers
Ring TypeSolid Ring
Minimum Shaft Diameter0.896in
Maximum Shaft Diameter0.936in
Outside Diameter2.10in
Thickness Maximum0.295in
Conductive EpoxyNo

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  • $99.99