MDI F3R Series VFD Control Panels

NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated VFD Control Panels
Weather has met its match with the MDI F3R outdoor rated panels

Let it Rain, Snow, or Storm

NEMA 3R means protection against ingress of solid foreign objects such as falling dirt and windblown dust, as well as water (rain, sleet, snow) and formation of ice. Wtih the wide variety of equipment options, the F3R is a powerful option for many industrial outdoor applications.

NEMA 3R Outdoor Rated VFD Panel Features
MDI F3R VFD Panel Features
F3R Panel Rain Hoods

Rain Cover and Poly Filter

The F3R has an advanced ventilation system for maximum cooling effect. The ventilation system is filtered and protected by rain hoods.


Washable Filter

The F3R has washable poly filters. Simply take them out, rinse, and put them back on the vent without having to stop the system or open the door. Accessible and cost effective.

F3R Washable Filters
Waterproof Controls and Display

Water-Proof Controls and Display

The parameter unit (keypad) and LED status lights are protected by a NEMA 3R rated cover. Users can still see the real-time status signal lights through the cover. The cover is also UV rated to protect from direct sunlight.


Pad-Lockable Door Handle

Along with a standard key lock, the door handle is also pad-lockable to prevent any tampering of the equipment. Additional security options (e.g. dead front door) are also available.

Pad-lockable Door Handle

   Standard Equipment

  • VFD
  • Line reactors (3% or 5%)
  • Harmonic filters (12% or 15%)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Three contactor bypass
  • Advanced numeric keypad
  • 22mm LED pilot lights

   Optional Equipment

  • Air conditioning
  • Dual VFDs
  • PLC
  • Modem
  • Surge protector
  • Multiple motor overloads
  • Motor starters
  • Dead front door

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