Energy Management Corporation —

Energy Management is our parent company. As a corporation as a whole we supply, service, and repair motors, drives, generators. In addition to this, we custom design and manufacture motor control panels & systems. For a more in-depth summary of any of our capabilities and products we offer, visit us at or call us toll-free at 1-800-433-4548

C.W. Silver —

C.W. Silver is Energy Management Corporation's certified repair & field service division. They are an EASA certified electric motor repair shop. They also repair other industrial equipment including generators, variable frequency drives, and welders. For more information visit them at

Drive Systems Inc —

Free consultation on variable frequency drives, AC drives, DC drives and new and used electric motors. For more information visit them at

CNCCookbook —

CNCCookbook provides software and information for machinists. We have state of the art feeds and speeds software, a g-code editor/simulator, a blog with hundreds of articles, and in-depth Cookbook recipes for CNC and machining topics. For more information visit them at

IntelLiDrives —

Automation supplier of precision direct drive rotary tables, XY tables with linear motors, linear actuators with linear motors and ball screws. For more information visit them at

H&R ENTERPRISES Inc. World Wide Distributors —

Supplier of hard to find, discontinued, obsolete and suplus electronic component parts. For more information visit them at

Curtiss Engineering and Research —

Curtiss Engineering and Research, see us for computer systems, computer training, website design, website maintenance, website hosting, domain name registration, electronic and electrical repair parts new and used. For more information visit them at

Biene Electronics —

Remote Control and Monitoring via GSM modem or Cell Phone. Industrial Automation control via SMS and/or GPRS. For more information visit them at